Cases  Treated

A few cases are given below to illustrate how homeopathy can treat/ cure various diseases. These cases range from pure psychological cases to advanced pathology, from acute conditions to chronic or so called incurable diseases and psycho-somatic disorders. Another aspect of these cases is that they relate to different age and sex groups. Homeopathy is beneficial to every person and for all conditions. You can also observe that while treating a patient his present mental and emotional state is specially taken into account. That is why patient feels better both mentally and physically. He gets back not only his physical health but also mental tranquility and normalcy, ambition to work and live purposefully. He gets rid of his vices, obsessions, fears and phobia and abnormal impulses.

Please avoid self-medication. If you need treatment, consult a homeopathic doctor.

L I S T   OF   C A S E S

1.  Change of personality
2.  A suicidal case
3.  Utter despair
4.  An obsession
5.  Carcinoma head of pancreas
6.  Intra-ocular Hemorrhage
7.  Ovarian Cyst with Metrorrhagia
8.  Breast Enlargement
9.  Chronic Asthma
10. Chronic Asthma
11. A Fearful Patient
12. Pharyngitis – an interesting case
13. Tonsillitis (Paediatric case)
14. Gum inflammation (Paediatric case)
15. High blood cholesterol


Case No. 1: Change of personality

Two-Faces-1Boy, age 3 years and 9 months, studying in Prep class. This child became extremely troublesome for his family, and he made their life miserable. The child would think himself as if he is a teacher (female class teacher), and forces everyone to call him ‘teacher’ instead of by his own name. If someone calls him by his name, he would get furious, shouting hysterically, “Call me teacher”. He would use ‘she’ and other feminine words for himself. His obsession of being a teacher became so intense that he would conduct classes in his house, teach his students (i.e., family members and imaginary students). He would dress like his female teacher, wear shawl, walk, talk, behave and smile like his class teacher, call himself by the name of his class teacher. While conducting a class he would not let anyone to leave the classroom even for a moment, he would not allow anyone to do their own work or to cook food for the family or even to take food or drink water or to go to washroom. In his class no one was allowed to talk to other person, and if someone would talk or try to leave the classroom against his wish, he would become extremely angry and beat that person violently with a stick. He would strike mercilessly on their head, hand or any part of their body. He would calm down amazingly after venting his anger. In his class he would teach his students (family members), ABC and ask them to repeat it loudly. While teaching he would watch his students carefully and if someone was found repeating the lesson in low voice, or smiling or not sitting properly, that person was punished severely. He would conduct classes the whole day. He made the life very miserable for his family.

While at home he would refuse to study. When asked to study, he would become angry and retort furiously ‘teacher does not study, she teaches the children’. Also, he had stammering. Parents got the help of a psychiatrist and a speech therapist but nothing worked.

Homeopathic Treatment:

5-8-08 Platina-30 Single dose. Two drops in one ml. of water. No placebo.

Report after one week

13-8-08 Thirty percent improvement, but symptoms seem relapsing. The child is becoming irritable, obstinate and revolting and showing temper more frequently. Therefore the remedy was repeated in next higher potency.

Platina-200 Single dose, three drops in one ml. of water.

30-8-08 Report was as under:

1. Stopped imitating like his teacher.

2. Behavior improved significantly.

3. No more temper tantrums.

4. Stopped beating on contradiction.

5. Mood became cheerful and playful.

6. Now he is a pleasant, social and loveable child.

7. Stammering stopped completely and now he is chirping fluently all the day.

8. Improvement in eating habits.

9. Improvement in overall health and behavior.

The child seems to forget his abnormal delusional behavior and remained well. No recurrence of symptoms was reported thereafter.

Symptoms considered for remedy selection:

1. Delusions, great person, is a

2. Delusions, superiority, of

3. Delusions, enlarged, tall, he is very

4. Hard for inferiors and kind for superiors

5. Dictatorial

6. Rage

7. Cruelty

8. Striking


Case No. 2:  A  Suicidal  Patient

Suiciding-1The amazing power of homeopathy can be seen in this case. How homeopathy saved the life of a young man.

Male, 28 years old, unmarried, came for getting treatment for the severe pain in his right heel. The pain was there for about one month but it was a slight pain, for which he did not use any medicine. For about two or three days, pain began to increase and reached to such an extent that he became unable to walk.

When asked about his mental state, he said he didn’t want to live any more. “I am disgusted with life and the life is very painful for me, for whom should I live?” He said that he was seriously thinking about committing suicide, and it was a pleasure for him to think about the ways to commit suicide and end his sufferings. He was just at the verge of committing suicide.

Aurum metallicum – 1 M, one powder was given immediately, plus placebo to take one powder daily.

Following symptoms were considered for prescribing.

1.Cheerful, death, while thinking of

2. Loathing life at

Two days after, patient reported that a few minutes after taking the powder, his mental state began to calm down. The relief in pain was very slight, almost negligible. The pain reduced slowly and took about a month to finish completely. Mental tranquility came first.

He became normal, mentally and physically. This disease became a blessing for him, because it not only saved his life but also got him free from mental turmoil. He was about to commit suicide. Latter on he got married and had a son. He is living happily, fully involved in life.


Case No. 3: Utter  Despair

Female, about 50 years old. For about three months she was suffering from severe pharyngitis and high fever. She was getting treatment from medical specialists.
First she got treatment from ENT specialist. When there was no relief, she was referred to general medicine. When there was no relief with general medicine, she was referred back to ENT specialist.
Again when there was no relief with ENT treatment, she was referred to general medicine.
She was rolling between two departments without any relief. At last she lost her hope and said in utter despair ‘I will not survive, I will not survive, I will not survive’.

She was advised to discontinue all allopathic medicines.

Psorinum – 1 M, one powder was given at the spot and placebos to take 1+1 daily for seven days.

Symptoms taken for remedy selection:

1. Despair, recovery of

2. Death, conviction of

3. Bed, desire to remain in

She improved rapidly and got cured within a short period of time. This case beautifully illustrates how mind and body are connected with each other, and by correcting the altered mental state a severe disease got cured simultaneously. This is the magic of homeopathy.

Case No. 4: An Obsession

A middle aged woman had pain in her right arm. The arm could not be raised up, also she was unable to let her arm hang down due to continuous moderate pain. To avoid pain, she would continually hold her forearm with her left hand. She was suffering with this pain for several days and conventional pain killers failed to relieve the pain.

Now here is the most peculiar thing about this case. At that time her mother was also sick and she would want to lie with her mother all the time. She would lie with her mother and would not do her household job and quarrel a lot if asked to do so.

Following symptoms were taken for prescribing:

1. Love- love-sick

2.Bed, desire to remain in

Antimonium crudum – 30, single dose, with placebo 1+1 for one week

She got great relief the next morning and got cured within a week. Her attitude was also changed and now she no more has the obsessive desire to continually lie with her mother. Now she started doing her household jobs and looking after her sick mother as a normal person. The homeopathic remedy brought a positive change in her psyche as well as cured her physical disease.


Case No. 5: Carcinoma  Head  of  Pancreas

Ca-Pancreas-1Male, 61 years old, a known case of carcinoma. Patient had a history of abdominal pain six months ago, for which he had an abdominal ultra sound and then he was admitted in a post graduate teaching hospital ‘Sheikh Zayed Hospital’ Lahore(Pakistan). He remained there as indoor patient from 23-10-2008 to 20-11-2008, and he was operated on 1-11-2008, with the following remarks appended in his discharge report, “large, advanced Ca head of pancreas involving 2nd part of duodenum/ transverse colon. Tumor was irresectable. Tripple bypass done”. For further treatment he was referred to Inmol(Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology). Wife was told that the patient would survive for a maximum period of six months. Instead of getting treatment from Inmol hospital, they got symptomatic treatment from local doctors. Gradually his condition got deteriorated and he became bed ridden since 25 days before getting treatment from me. Now he was too weak to move or turn his body in the bed and he got bed sores.

I was consulted on 14-4-2009, i.e. five and a half months after operation.

Following symptoms were noted:

1. Throbbing or pulsating movement felt at stomach, several times a day, every day. It was very discomforting and the patient specially demanded relief from it.

2. Retching and hiccough, several times a day, every day. These were also very troublesome for the patient.

3. No strength in legs, feels lifeless.

4. Pitting edema of both feet. Ankles moderately odemateous.

5. No desire to eat anything.

6. Respiration difficult.

7. Discharge of fresh blood in small quantity after urination, since two days.

8. Urine, yellow, offensive and in large quantity.

9. Highly sensitive to noise. No one was allowed to make a noise.

10. Wife says, now he becomes irritable even on minor things.

11. “I want to be healthy and I pray God to forgive me and make me healthy”.

12. When asked, do you have any hope of recovery? He replied, ‘I have hope as well as despair’.

He was taking several medicines including sleeping pills. He was advised to stop all other medicines.

Homeopathic Treatment:

15-4-09 Arsenicum album – 200 Single dose. Placebo, to be taken three times a day.

16-4-09 Hiccough better, slept better (without the aid of sleeping pills). Wife says he seems slightly better. Previously he would take sleeping pills and other medicines without much relief.

17-4-09 Hiccough, retching and abdominal throbbing , all better.

18-4-09 Hiccough, retching and abdominal throbbing much better. Swelling on ankles reduced.

19-4-09 Further improvement in hiccough, retching and abdominal throbbing. Swelling on ankles reduced 50%. Slight cough started with some mucous.

20-4-09 Small quantity of blood (about 2 ml) came from mouth. Patient was asked, how are you? He said, “I am feeling better and now there is definite improvement in my health. Now I have developed craving for food and now I have the hope that I will become healthy”.

22-4-09 Last night, frequent discharge of blood from mouth. Stool black colour.

22-4-09 Stramonium – 10 M. Single dose given at about1 p.m.

23-4-09 Died at 6 a.m.

He had a peaceful death. Homeopathic remedy eased his distress and made his end peaceful. At this stage nothing more could be expected. This case is published to show that homeopathy is a great boon even at terminal stage. Patient was in great distress, he was taking so many conventional medicines without much relief. A single powder of homeopathic remedy gave a lot of relief and did the job of multiple allopathic medicines given for different symptoms.

Symptoms considered for remedy selection

1. Anxiety, health about

2. Anxiety, salvation about

3. Delusion, injury is about to receive

4. Irritability, pain during

5. Carried, desire to be fast

6. Praying

7. Sensitive, noise to

8. Quiet, wants to be


Case No. 6:  Intra-ocular  Hemorrhage

Male 45 years old. A rich industrialist, who was also working as a government servant. About one year ago before coming to me, he suddenly had intra ocular hemorrhage in left eye. His condition was diagnosed as traumatic hemorrhage. Being a rich man he tried his best to save his eye, but it could not be saved and he lost the vision of his effected eye. He got continuous pain in his effected eye for which he was prescribed some pain killers. According to him, pain killers don’t give him complete relief from pain and in spite of taking pain killers 25% pain do remain continuously. His pain was aggravated by light and movement, therefore due to severe pain most of the time he remained lying quietly in the dark. He became unable to look after his business. His symptoms were as under:

Pain in eye; pain worse from light; fear of being touched; feels as if someone is pulling the eye with a rope; feels as if salt is poured in the eye; burning pain as if from chilies; excessive lachrymation; aversion to strong light; during pain wants immediate relief and takes pain killers immediately; anxiety about his job and business; restlessness and irritability during pain; light, noise and anger aggravate the pain; pain extending back to ear; redness of eye; although in pain, but smiling while narrating his case or during general conversation.

He was advised to discontinue pain killers, and any other medicine he was taking.

Belladonna – 200

Single dose was given on the following symptoms:

1. Quiet, wants to be; repose and tranquility desires

2. Fear, touch of

3. Carried, desires to be fast

4. Laughing, speaking when

There was a severe initial aggravation a few hours after taking the remedy. The pain reduced gradually and on the third day there was no pain and redness. Later on he told me that he is hiding his recovery from the people around. This is again a confirmatory symptom of belladonna, i.e.:

1. Hides, things

2. Feigning, sick; to be

One of his friends commented that now he has becomes cheerful. He was on placebo and remained well, and then I lost contact with him. He was given medicine in 10/1999 and up till now i.e. 2011 he has not contacted again.

Case No. 7: Ovarian Cyst with Metrorrhagia

Ovarian-Cyst-1Female, about 30 years old. She had menses on 4-7-09, which continued for about 12 to 13 days, then started again on 19-7-09. She bled heavily with lower abdominal pain. Bleeding was so profuse she would daily wet her tampon and trouser with blood. The blood overflows and her feet would get soiled with blood, imprinting bloody footmarks on the floor. Patient consulted a gynaecologist in a big teaching hospital on 22-7-09. She was advised to have pelvic ultrasound. Following medicines were prescribed:

1. Capsule Transamin, three times a day.

2. Tablet Ponstan (mefenamic acid), three times a day.

Patient got her ultrasound done on 23-7-09 and approached me on the same day. She did not consume the medicines prescribed by the gynecologist.

Ultrasound report dated 23-7-09 (first ultrasound)

Uterus = 8.6 x 5.3 x 4 cm (normal, anteverted)

Endometrium = 5 mm

Right ovary = 3.5 x 1.8 cm Simple cyst

Left ovary = Normal

Impression = Bulky uterus; right ovarian cyst (simple)

Homeopathic treatment:

23-7-09. Arsenicum album – 200, single dose, given at about11 p.m. Placebo 1+1 daily.

24-7-09. Bleeding stopped in the morning, but small bleeding in the afternoon.

28-7-09. Small bleeding everyday but quantity reducing everyday.

29-7-09. Bleeding stopped completely. No complaint afterward.

Report of repeat ultrasound dated 7-8-09

Uterus size = 7.6 x 3.8 x 4.4 cm, normal, anteverted

Endometrium = seen

Right ovary = 1.8 x 2 cm

Left ovary = 2 x 1.8 cm

Others = No mass or fluid

Comments:Normalpelvic scan

Ultrasound was again repeated on 29-1-2010, which was again normal in all respects. A single dose of homeopathic remedy did the job of multiple drugs of conventional medicine, i.e.:

1. Her life threatening bleeding was stopped very swiftly.

2. Ovarian cyst got cured without any surgery.

3. Bulky uterus got back to its normal size.

4. Overall health improved.

5. Mentally became more tranquil.

Arsenicum album was prescribed considering her following symptoms:

1. Anxiety, children about his

2. Despair, recovery of

3. Fear, death of

4. Fear, injury; being injured of

5. Delusions, injury is about to receive

6. Sadness


Case No. 8: Breast  Enlargement

A young woman came for treatment, three days after her first delivery (hospital delivery). Due to engorgement, her breasts were swollen unbelievably. She also had pain. She was highly depressed and worried about the gravity of disease and expected a grave outcome or cancer. She had the following mental state:

She was very depressed and weeping.
She was very anxious about her newly born baby. Who will care for her baby if she dies?
She was fearful of the expected damage caused by the disease.
She had a strong fear that she might not develop cancer.
22-11-04 Sulphur – 200, single dose plus placebo 1+1, given on the following symptoms:

Fear, death, of
Fear, cancer, of
Anxiety, children, about his
Delusions, injury is about to receive
She reacted favorably and got cured within a few days. She also got rid of all the fears and anxieties provoked by her disease.

Case No. 9: Chronic Asthma

Asthma-Inhaler12-3-2003: Male, age 25-30 years (as told by the patient). He was a young man having long beard. He was working in a whole sale computer shop near my clinic. He was accompanied by his friend. He sat down on the chair quietly. His face was red and showing great distress. His respiration was difficult with loud wheezing. He narrated his condition as under:

He has asthma since four years. He was on conventional asthma medicine and inhaler. In spite of taking anti-asthma medicine regularly he would get daily asthma attacks, especially during sleep between 3-4 a.m., and then he would take puff from inhaler and get relieved and go to sleep again. He would sit up during attack; excessive urination during attack; during attack, feels excessive heat in the chest, as if fire is burning in the chest; feels breathless during attack; exertion induces the asthma attack.

When asked about his mental state and reaction towards disease, he said he has no anxiety regarding disease. No other significant symptoms were given. He was asked, whether he has some recurrent dream. He narrated a dream which he would have nearly every other day, his dream was as under:

“I am running. Some people are pursuing me. Sometimes they catch me and sometimes do not, and sometimes while running I fall down in a large pit and then I wake up. However every time I run, I get asthma attack and then I wake up. Asthma attack continues even after waking.”

Remedy was prescribed basically on his dream symptoms, plus other symptoms narrated by him or observed. His dreams were reflecting his inner mental state.

Symptoms considered for repretorization:

Delusions, pursued by enemies (i.e. chased by his disease)
Escape, attempts to (wanted to escape from disease)
Delusions, possessed being (possessed by his disease)
Frivolous (frivolous regarding his treatment)
He was advised not to take any other medicine or inhaler to relieve his acute distressing condition.

12-3-2003 Belladonna – 200, single dose, given at about 8 p.m. Six powders of placebo to be taken 1+1 daily.

13-3-2003 After taking the medicine, respiration remained difficult the whole night. Next day, frequent asthma attacks the whole day. Respiration remained difficult during the night. At about mid night (12:00) he used inhaler and went to sleep.

14-3-2003 to onward. Remained asthma free. Before this he would have daily attacks, especially during night.

22-3-2003 Slight attack on 20-3-2003 for one hour from 8 to 9 p.m.“Thanks God, now I have no worry for my asthma.” No attack during sleep but gets up at 3-4 a.m. with restlessness.

27-3-2003 No asthma attack, no restlessness at 3-4 a.m. Now you can see a major change which is showing a shift in his mental state.

No dreams of being pursued. New dreams of amorous nature, of having sex with some girl. Sometimes natural sex and sometimes anal sex. Slight cough started, more towards night.

3-4-03 Very slight asthma attack of negligible nature on 1-4-03 between 3-4 a.m.

Now he can do strenuous physical job and climbs upstairs and downstairs several times without any trouble. It should be worth mentioning that the shop where he was working, was on the third floor. Now he began to dream about domestic affairs and other pleasant dreams of happy family life, playing and chatting happily with family and friends.

Now he was very happy and content. Thereafter he never turned back. This case clearly shows a shift in his mental state which is evident from his dreams. He became tranquil physically and mentally and got peaceful and refreshing sleep.

Case No. 10: Chronic  Asthma

Asthma-inhaler1Male, about 40 years old, having complaint of asthma since five years. Under homeopathic treatment remained well for about three years. Since two years he was suffering again, taking occasional doses of allopathic asthma medicine when disease goes beyond tolerance. Following symptoms were recorded:

Cough starts at any time daily.
After cough he feels severe shortness of breath with severe restlessness. Shortness of breath remains for some hours. During attack chest and throat feel constricted. Physical exertion aggravates the problem. “I can’t imagine of running even if I am being pursued by the police, and I can not take exercise or do some strenuous physical work”. After the end of asthma attack hawks up a lot of phlegm from throat and feels relieved.
1-8-2000 Arsenicum album – 200, single dose, with six powders of placebo. One powder to be taken on alternate day.

I don’t remember why Arsenicum was prescribed, because as per symptoms it is not the best indicated remedy. Maybe I have not recorded some symptoms on the case record.

On the fourth day after taking the remedy, he reported that he has a great relief and now his condition is much better and he is out of the grip of disease. On subsequent follow ups he was given seven powders of placebo, one powder to be taken on alternate day. He was given medicine on the following dates:

1-8-2000 Arsenicum album-200 x1, plus 6 powders of placebo

12-9-2000 Arsenicum album-200 x1, plus 6 powders of placebo

23-9-2000 Arsenicum album- 1 M x1, plus 6 powders of placebo

Rate of progress kept on decreasing and at this point his progress became almost negligible. He told me that he feels relief if he takes one powder daily. It shows the turn of his psychological state. He was not getting relief from the medicine itself; rather he was feeling relief from excessive doses of medicine (placebo), i.e. it was a psychological relief. This shows how the psyche of a patient gets changed during treatment, thereby requiring a new remedy. Next remedy was prescribed considering his present mental state, i.e.

Medicine – desire to swallow large doses of = Cactus grandiflorus

8-12-2000 Cactus-30, Single dose, with six powders of placebo. One powder to be taken on alternate day.

Next day he came to report specially, very cheerful and smiling and he said, “It seems, now you have greatly increased the strength of the medicine.” It should be kept in mind that the patient was not aware that the remedy has been changed; therefore it should not be considered as ‘placebo effect’. With Cactus-30 he became almost cured, he remained on placebo for sometime and remained well, thereafter he never came back.

Case No. 11: A  Fearful  Patient

This case shows how fears and anxieties are triggered by a physical disease and how a person reacts in a peculiar way to a specific situation. In homeopathy, this individual reaction is taken into account while treating a patient.

Female, in her forties, suffering from severe cough and high fever. She was under antibiotic treatment for about a week and without any relief. When asked about her reaction towards disease or what she was thinking about her disease or condition. She replied that she was having a strong fear, that the infection might not travel from chest to throat and from throat to brain, and if my brain got infected then anything could happen. She was advised to discontinue antibiotics. She was given a single dose of Rhus tox. – 200, to be taken immediately and placebos for one week, to be taken 1+1 daily. She improved within 24 hours and got cured slowly within a week with corresponding relief in her anxieties. The symptom on which the remedy was prescribed is as under:

Fear, superstitious

Case No. 12: Pharyngitis – an interesting case

This case shows how a well to do person, otherwise extravagant, sometimes becomes so stingy that he avoids spending even on his own health and prefers to save money and bear sufferings.

A well to do young man came for the treatment of his severe pharyngitis. When asked about his mental state, he said:

I have a strong desire to be treated by some ENT specialist, so that:

I could get immediate relief from my severe throat irritation, which is troubling me a lot.
I could get the best medicine to be cured in a shortest possible time.
Alongside this, I have a strong apprehension that it will cost me several thousand rupees, because it often happens that I don’t get relief with the first prescription. I have to consult ENT specialist two or three times, thereby lingering my disease and sufferings for about two to three weeks. By prescribing weaker medicines doctors cause the disease to linger on, thereby forcing the patient indirectly to consult them many times. By doing so doctors earn extra money. They trouble me a lot and I have to spend a lot of money for their heavy fees and costly medicines.

Calcarea carbonica – 200, single dose was given, with placebos to be taken 1+1 daily.

Slowly and steadily he improved and got cured in a week or so.

Symptoms taken for remedy selection.


Fear, poverty, of

Fear, sufferings, of

Suspicious, mistrustful

Case No. 13: Tonsillitis

(Case Illustrating behavioural changes during sickness)

7 year old girl, fever 1030F, tonsils swollen, hard, painful, bilateral. No previous medication.

Child was brought in the clinic, riding in her mother’s lap and folding her arms tightly around her mother’s neck. Mother was asked whether the child was unable to walk. The mother replied that the child was able to walk but she wanted her to be carried.

Borax – 200, single dose with placebo 1+1 daily given on the following symptoms:

Carried, desire to be

Clinging, persons to

Next day she was reported to be alright, healthy and playful, no clinginess, behaving normally. No further medication needed.

Case No. 14: Gum inflammation

(altered behaviour during sickness)

Seven year old boy, lower left gum red, inflamed, swollen and painful since morning.

Father brought the boy in clinic, carrying him in his lap, while the boy has folded his arms around the neck of his father.
Father told us, that the boy was complaining a lot and asking for medicine.
The boy was asked how much pain he has. He replied that he has severe pain.
The boy was asked, what was his reaction when the pain increases. He replied, “I begin to weep”.
Stramonium – 200, single dose, plus two powders of placebo (1+1), given on the following symptoms:

Clinging, persons to

Weeping, pains, with the

Delirium, crying, help for

Delusions – injury- injured of being

Next day his father reported that the boy calmed down soon after taking the remedy and now he has no complaint. No further medication needed.

Case No. 15: High blood cholesterol

Female 60 years old. About one year before coming to me, she got her cholesterol level checked. Cholesterol level being high, doctor advised her to take some medicine. She didn’t take these medicines and tried some herbal formulas and diet alterations. She adopted the following plan to control her cholesterol.

Herbal recipes
Skimmed milk
Fat free/ very low fat diet
Exercise and walking
All her efforts failed to control her high cholesterol level. Lab report dated 13-12-08 showed the cholesterol value of 270 mg/dl (Normal value = 150-200 mg/dl). The consulting doctor advised her to take daily one tablet of Atorva (Atorvastatin) 10 mg. She was also advised to take this medicine throughout her life. She decided to start this treatment but for some reason she wanted to give a chance to homeopathy. She came to me on 14-12-08. After detailed case taking she was prescribed Arsenicum album – 1 M, single dose plus placebos. This remedy was repeated in 10 M, single dose, on 5-2-09. She was given only two doses of this remedy. Her progress is detailed below; reports prior to 13-12-08 were not made available.

13-12-08 270 mg/dl
22-12-08 224 mg/dl
29-12-08 196 mg/dl
12-01-09 203 mg/dl
02-02-09 235 mg/dl
04-06-09 182 mg/dl
09-07-09 184 mg/dl (detailed report given below)
31-10-09 194 mg/dl
24-11-09 160 mg/dl
03-05-10 164 mg/dl
15-07-10 178 mg/dl
Only one detailed report provided by the patient is as under:

Lipid profile dated 09-07-09

Cholesterol 184 mg/dl (Normal= 150-200)

Triglycerides 107 mg/dl (Normalup to 150)

H.D.L.(cholesterol) 36 mg/dl (Normal= 35 – 45)

L.D.L. (cholesterol) 127 mg/dl (Normalup to 157)

V.L.D.L. 21 mg/dl (Normalup to 50)

Total lipid 575 mg/dl (Normal= 400 – 1000)

It is worth mentioning that after gaining control over her cholesterol level she started taking oily foods and left all diet restrictions.

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