General Information


General  Information

Advantages of Homeopathy Over Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Medicines

1. No need for long histories and psycho analysis.

2. No need for hospital admission.

3. No side effects.

4. No addiction or habit formation. No need to taper the medicine.

5. No drowsiness or overpowering sleep, rather homeopathic medicines remove mental confusion and dullness and make the patient alert and well oriented.

6. No need for Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT). Homeopathic treatment saves patients from ECT.

7. Exposure therapy and behavioral modifications ( CBT ) are not required.

8. No need to wait for weeks to allow the medicine start its effects. Homeopathic remedies act gently and quickly and have powerful effects. They make the patient comfortable within 24 hours.

9. No need for years long treatment.

10. No relapse of symptoms. It cures permanently.

11. Highly safe for patients having diabetes, liver or kidney disease or any other serious disease, pregnant or lactating women, small kids and old people.

12. Immunity Booster : Homeopathic remedies are immunity booster, they cure by stimulating body’s own immunity and defense mechanism, therefore you have greater immunity and better defense against diseases and better overall health, both mentally and physically.

13. Multi-Level Improvement i.e. Ten Problems One Solution : Homeopathy is holistic medicine. It treats the patient as a whole and cures disorders of the mind and body simultaneously. Therefore taking treatment for mental and emotional disorders, cures your physical diseases as well and vice versa. Whereas conventional psychiatric medicines do not cure even psychiatric disorders and also cause mental and physical side effects.

14. It is economical, more effective, gentle and harmless.

Get treatment for one disease and the other will also be cured simultaneously.


What  is  Homeopathy

Brief introduction for those who are new to homeopathy

Homeopathy is not herbal medicine. It is entirely different from all other systems of medicine.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on law of nature. This law has been verified through trials and clinical practice throughout the world. It is based on the principle that any substance which can produce a disease in a healthy person can cure the same disease when given in extremely minute doses. Brief explanation of this principle is as under:

If we ingest some (poisonous) substance in large quantity, it will produce some disease like symptoms in our body. Now to cure these symptoms we should give the patient the same (poisonous) substance in extremely minute quantities. This is known as “law of similars” or “Like Cures Like”. It is believed that homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body’s own immunity and defense mechanism. Here are some examples, showing how different things are used homeopathically.

1. Coffee causes alertness and sleeplessness but in homeopathy it (Coffea cruda) is used to treat severe insomnia and sleeplessness.

2. Arsenic poisoning produces, diarrhea, vomiting and cholera like symptoms, whereas in homeopathy Arsenicum album is used to treat diarrhea, vomiting and cholera.

3. Opium induces overpowering sleep and it is used as a narcotic, but in homeopathy it is used to treat disorders of sleep, like excessive or profound sleep, and overpowering sleepiness. It is also used as an anti-narcotic to treat an addict.

4. Honey-bee Sting causes swelling, redness and stinging pain, but in homeopathy honey-bee venom (Apis mellifica) is used to treat inflammatory diseases characterized by stinging pain, redness, swelling, oedema and puffiness. It is also used to antidote the effects of bee sting.

Poisonous or disease producing substances are orally administered in healthy volunteers and the record of the symptoms produced is maintained for further use. Symptoms produced by these substances are called “proving symptoms” or “remedy symptoms” of that substance. Each substance produces a different set of symptoms.

The disease producing substance is diluted systematically (called potentized) to be used for medicinal purpose, is known as “remedy“. Examples of some commonly used remedies are bryonia, opium, nux vomic, pulsatilla etc.

In homeopathy, the more we dilute (Potentize) the substance the more powerful and effective the remedy will be. We go on diluting (potentizing) the substance systematically and the different strengths obtained by doing so are called ‘potency’. Some commonly used potencies are 6, 30, 200, 1M, 10M, CM, etc. Every substance which is capable of producing disease like symptoms is used as a homeopathic remedy. Remedies are prepared from different sources like, poisons, minerals, chemicals, plants, insects, animals and disease products etc. The highly poisonous substances become highly effective and useful remedies.

For practical purpose, when a patient comes for getting treatment, we note down all the symptoms of his disease, as well as his present mental and emotional state and then match all these symptoms with the drug symptoms of different remedies. The best matching remedy is selected as a curative remedy. The dose and potency of the remedy is adjusted according to the nature and severity of disease.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, i.e. we treat the patient as a whole and do not treat the disease as isolated manifestations of some particular organ or system. That is why there is no disease specific remedy in homeopathy. Patients are treated keeping in view all their physical, mental, emotional, and disease symptoms. The totality of symptoms or the whole picture is considered for prescribing a curative remedy.

Because different patients manifest the same disease differently, remedy selection is individualized from person to person. For example, three persons have allergy to egg. One person develops skin rash, the other gets abdominal pain and diarrhea and the third person gets respiratory distress. This idiosyncrasy or the individual reaction to the same stimulus is considered while selecting a remedy. The remedy is further individualized by taking into account their personal mental and emotional reactions and other peculiarities. Though, having allergy to same stimulus, all the three persons will receive different remedies depending upon their peculiarities. Patients are treated as well as they get cured physically and mentally simultaneously.

Homeopathic remedies don’t kill virus or bacteria. They stimulate the body’s immunity and defense mechanism to overpower all kind of diseases. That is why homeopathic remedies are capable of curing all kind of diseases like mental and emotional disorders, psycho-somatic diseases and purely physical diseases as well. Viral, bacterial or fungal infections, abnormal growths, hypo or hyper activity of glands, cancer and other so called incurable diseases are treatable with homeopathic remedies.

While treating a patient, some conditions respond almost immediately and some respond relatively slowly and may take a couple of days or more to feel apparent relief. It should be kept in mind that cure is a gradual process and may take considerable time in some cases. Recovery speed varies from person to person depending upon various factors like, (i). nature and severity of disease, (ii) extent of functional tissue destruction (iii) type, nature and advancement of the pathology involved (iv) presence of other diseases (v) age and present health condition, (vi) sensitivity and reaction to the remedy administered.

Therefore, it should be kept in mind that 100% complete cure or normal condition can not be expected in cases where irreversible structural changes or massive damage to some vital organ is involved. However every patient gets amazing relief and achieves maximum level of health, regardless of the kind of disease and pathology involved.

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