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Split personalityHere are some facts:
In spite of getting best antipsychotic treatment for schizophrenia:
1. About 30-40 % patients remain treatment resistant. They get little benefit but serious side effects from these medicines. Moreover, they have to take anti-psychotic drugs for the rest of their life, i.e., no cure.
2. About 20% to 40% patients attempt suicide and about 5% to 13% succeed in the act.
3. A lot of schizophrenics need to be institutionalized. Some remain there for the rest of their life.
4. Many patients cannot live a purposeful or fully functional life.

Benefits of homeopathic treatment:

It is more effective than the most powerful anti-psychotic drug.
It is curative and free from any side effects.
No need to institutionalize your patient.
No issue of “treatment resistant”. Patients improve smoothly and continuously.



Hearing voices is a very common symptom of schizophrenia and it may lead to dangerous behavior. These voices may command the patient to do some violent or criminal act, e.g., to kill someone, or to commit suicide by jumping or shooting. These voices may criticize or ridicule the patient constantly thus making his life unbearable.
Homeopathy has a very effective treatment for these voices (auditory hallucinations). It is more effective than antipsychotic treatment and relief will be beyond your expectations.

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Autistic-ChildAutism; asperger syndrome; ADHD.; ADD etc., all these disorders are curable with homeopathic remedies. It is Guaranteed. There’s hope, so don’t let your child suffer. Because Homeopathy is holistic medicine, there is absolutely No Need of Detoxification, diet restriction, special diet or auxiliary treatment. Homeopathic remedies are capable of curing all the allergies, eliminate toxins from body and correct their harmful effects. Detoxification and cure happen simultaneously with homeopathic remedies, selected according to classical homeopathy. Detoxification with homeopathic remedies is sure, safe and better than any other conventional method and it is free from side effects. Homeopathy covers all the different patterns of autism spectrum. Treatment is tailored and adjusted to the individual needs of every patient. So there is no need to worry about the type, nature, diagnosis or the condition of your child. Homeopathic remedies make your child’s brain function normally. You don’t have to seek specialized behavioural training for your child. Treat your child with homeopathy and he will behave, respond and grow normally. However, there may be some other aspects which you can discuss personally. Act now, because your hesitation and delay is injurious to your child’s health.

Try Homeopathy for sure recovery

TamperYour child may have some unacceptable behaviours causing problems for you, but you feel helpless to do anything. These violent, unacceptable and unsocial behaviours will compromise your child’s future and he will fail to achieve a proper place in society, only because of his uncontrolled, impulsive behaviour. Even worse, he may become a criminal. Something must be done to avoid this.

Fotolia_50226569_XS1-300x198BEHAVIORAL DISORDERS and other psychiatric conditions are treatable like diarrhea, fever, cough and cold etc.

Over sensitivities, intense reactions, impulsive behaviors and criminal tendencies can not be changed forcefully. Homeopathy has the ability to change, modify, and curb these behaviours and tendencies that can eventually make a child criminal. Transform your child’s personality with the help of homeopathy, and make him mild, social and loveable. This will end your constant battle and endless worries. You can prevent the forthcoming complications by getting homeopathic treatment right now.

Act now before it is too late.

Violent anger and irritability, aggressiveness (verbal and physical aggression).
Easily provokable and excessive excitability.
Suspicious, hatred, revengeful, malicious.
Impulsive behaviour; morbid impulses and propensities.
Cruel behaviour towards people and animals, inflicting pain and injuries to others.
Suicidal, Homicidal tendency; Self harm.
Destructive, loves to destroy everything.
Defiant, disobedient, obstinate.
Quarrelsome, fighting, striking, bullying.
Disruptive behaviour. Shrieking, shouting.
Anxiety; severe and persistent anxiety.
Temper tantrum, OCD, Schizophrenia, sleep disorders.
Social withdrawal, timidity, shyness, staying alone.

Self Injury 1
When insanity is reality and out of control, don’t lose hope, seek the help of 


Fotolia_26321998_XS1-300x200Fears, phobias, OCD, delusions and other psychiatric disorders are hard to treat with conventional medicines – no cure, only problem management. It is quiet easy for homeopathy to permanently cure these disorders. Homeopathy is not problem management – it cures. The cure is gentle and permanent, with absolutely no side effects. With homeopathy, it is not a temporary relief and a severe relapse on drug withdrawal. Health level attained at any point remains stable even if you stop taking treatment.

Save your child’s future




Fotolia_44849860_XS-300x199Your flying phobia, claustrophobia and resultant panic attacks, all these can be treated easily, effectively and permanently with homeopathic treatment. You don’t have to take tranquillizers or  behavioural modification exercises. Enjoy fear free flights.

Immediate relief, sure and permanent cure.


TarentulaStrong fears and phobias of any kind, interfering with your daily life and making your life difficult. Get homeopathic treatment and feel substantial relief with the very first dose and ultimate cure within short period of time.

No desensitization or exposure therapy required. No need to take psychotropic drugs.

Examples of Some common phobias

Fear of situations from where escape is difficult.
Fear of open spaces, crowded shopping centers, streets, buses etc.
Fear of enclosed or confined places, such as closed room, lifts, tunnels, aircrafts.
Fear of having cancer or some incurable disease.
Fear of infection, death, accident.
Fear of thieves. Fear of dark, of being alone.
Fear of spider, snake or some animal. Fear of ghosts.
Fear of strangers, new places, and new situations.
Fear of thunder and lightening.
Fear of being poisoned.
Fear of being laughed at.
Try Homeopathy for Sure and Permanent Cure


OCD-1OCD is a mental disorder in which a person has recurrent unwanted thoughts, against his will which he can not get rid of (obsessions), i.e, it is marked persistence of some recurring idea in the mind against will. These thoughts produce great anxiety, and to relieve this anxiety, person feels compelled to repeatedly perform certain behaviours (compulsions) till the anxiety is relieved. These compulsive behaviors are called compulsions. In simple words OCD is a strong irrational thought compelling one to do some particular thing. The overall behavior is known as obsessive compulsive disorder. OCD is a constant battle and hard to cure with conventional medicine. Homeopathy has a curative treatment for OCD.

Some common OCDs are listed below

Repeated hand washing.
Nail biting
Fear of germs or contamination.
Uncertainty- checking door lock repeatedly.
Obsession of order, arrangement, symmetry, exactness.
Impulse to kill or injure herself or some family member
Impulse to set things on fire
Impulse to shout in public, etc.
There is no cure in conventional medicine. Behavior modification, desensitization, and psychiatric drugs give little temporary relief in small number of cases, but there is no cure. Patients are advised to control their emotions and the patient knows how difficult and distressing it is to control his emotions. The disease remains untreated and patients may have to suffer throughout their life.

Homeopathy is capable of curing any type of OCD, quickly and permanently and without any side effects. You will not feel its traces the rest of your life. No need to undergo exposure therapy, CBT or behavior modification techniques.


Panic-attack-2Worst cases of panic attack can be effectively and easily treated with homeopathy– Guaranteed. Take homeopathic treatment and have substantial relief within a couple of days. Short treatment, permanent cure, no relapse, no drug dependency, no side effects. No need to take conventional psychotropic drugs. Complete freedom from fears, phobias and panic attack forever.

Make your life tranquil.


Fears and phobias, Flying Phobia, Panic attack, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression, Suicidal thoughts, impulses and attempts, Self harm, Sleep disorder, Eating disorders, Schizophrenia, Behavior and mood disorders, Addiction.


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